4K Resolution vs 144Hz Refresh Rate Monitor

In this article, I am gonna talk about whether you should get a 4K resolution monitor or higher refresh rate monitor typically for gaming. But all touch on some other applications. Today I am sticking to 4K resolution monitor. You can actually get a 1440p monitor at a 144Hz. So if you maybe want a balance of both that’s probably  the way to go. But if you have been thinking about getting a 4K monitor. Then hopefully, this article will help.


4K Resolution Monitor

4K resolution monitor

So let’s move on to 4K resolution. Now I personally don’t own a 4K monitor. I own a 1440p monitor. But I know the difference is between having more resolution and high refresh rate. Because I went from a 1080p 144Hz to 1440p monitor at 60Hz. In terms of video games I definitely think a 1440p monitor is really nice when you’re playing single player games. Or games that don’t necessarily need flick shots and instant response times and that sort of thing. Because it will look better at a big size screen. It’s gonna look nice.

So if I was playing something like fallout 4. Then I would definitely prefer to hire the higher resolution than the high refresh rate. Especially if you have G-Sync or FreeSync. But if I’m playing something like CS:GO. Where the graphics are at the point. Then it is pretty frustrating to use that lower refresh rate. Cuz the high resolution doesn’t really get you anything.

Now another benefit of 4K resolution, or any high-resolution screen that matter outside of gaming. That is you get a lot more screen real estate for productivity. I know when I’m editing videos the 1440p monitor is so much easier to work on than a cramped 1080p screen. Even working in Word documents, you can have a couple pages display at the same time next to each other. Maybe as opposed to just one up and down you just get so much more to look at. And if the scaling is done right in the operating system it will look just as good as 1080p. Nothing’s gonna be too small. But when you do need the high-resolution it’s there.

So I think for general purpose for most people a 4K resolution monitor is probably going to be more beneficial than high refresh rate. Now high refresh rate is nice. But it’s really only best suited I think for when you know you need in like FPS. Where every amount of motion blur might make it harder to hit a shot. When you’re turning really fast or something like that.

But with 4K resolution monitor and high-resolution monitors, you’re gonna get that benefit really outside the desktop in the rest of the computer as well. Not just for gaming.

144Hz or Higher Refresh Rate Monitors

4K Resolution

Now let’s talk about higher refresh rate. Because I think for that, there are fewer reasons why you would definitely want to get high refresh rate. And that, in my opinion, is pretty much just competitive first-person shooters. Such as counter-strike or quake or UT 04 something like that. A higher refresh rate monitor is definitely going to benefit you.

And it doesn’t even need to be a 4K resolution. For a while, I was playing on a Benq 1080p 144Hz. And it was fine as if I was playing on a high refresher. When you’re playing somewhat competitively. Or at least, you want to be really good at the FPS shooter. Then a higher refresh rate is going to be like night and day. It’s not gonna make you better. But if you’re decent you will probably play better on high refresh rate monitor.

Because you can more easily make sure slingshots. Because you know there’s a lot less motion blur and it’s easier to see. And follow the crosshair when you’re moving it just gets easier. And if you’re thinking about getting the high refreshing monitor. It might actually benefit you to get a lower resolution. especially if your computer isn’t that good.

Because really when it comes down to it resolution doesn’t matter that much in how well and skilled you are at the game. And a lower resolution would allow you to get much higher frame rates. So you can stay above or even get up to the highest refresh rate of your monitor.

Now on other hands,  if you do a lot of single player games or you like to play really high detailed graphic games. There are all about the graphics. Then a high refresh rate probably wouldn’t benefit you as much as a 4K resolution. Now don’t get me wrong. The high refresh rate is much more enjoyable. I think in all situations were just trying to compare the 4K resolution vs the refresh rate.

Because really if you’ve ever used high refresh rate monitor you know that just moving around is very smooth. And It’s gonna be very enjoyable. There’s a lot less screen tearing and that sort of thing. So it’s gonna be a much better experience. If you can get to that high refresh rate is just a matter of what are your priorities.


And those are just my thought. So if you guys have any other things that I forgot to talk about. You can ever look in the comments section. I’m sure someone has posted something that I completely forgot about ???? . I’m not all knowing so look down there. and I’m looking for to hear from you. And if you like this article then please share this to your friends and bookmark us.