5 Best Free Software For Windows

This article I decided to collect my 5 favorites a sensual best free software that I thought you guys would like. And you might not have heard of before. So these have specifically for Windows. But you probably get some alternatives for Mac as well.

5 Best Free Software List

  • F.lux
  • Rainmeter
  • Puush
  • Universal Media Server
  • WinDirStat

F.lux – The Best Free Software

F.lux - The best free software

So the first one is called F.lux. Now, this program basically dims your screen, when the Sun Goes Down. you might wonder, why am I wanna do this? Well, the thing is, monitors actually admit a lot of blue lights. And studies showed that blue light actually is what keeps you up at night. So that’s why TVs and monitors all these things make it hard to sleep. It’s because the emitting so much light, which is the same color as daylight. So your brain thinks that it’s daytime.

However, F.lux  basically dims the screen and basically puts an orange filter over it. so that you don’t get any that blue light. And it’s a lot easier on your eyes. And you don’t even notice it’s a really subtle change. And you won’t notice that it’s changed unless you turn it off. It’s really cool and best free software. And you should check it out.

Rainmeter – The Best Free Software

Rainmeter - The Best Free Software

This is kinda like a widget type program. It’s for your desktop and lets you install all sorts of different widgets and gadgets kind of like the windows gadget feature, except better. Now you can download all these custom made, ones that people have made whether or CPU and resource monitor widget. And they pretty much just sit on the desktop. And it can be a clock anything like that.

You can pretty much have these do whatever you want. there’re tons a different web sites that pre-made widgets and you can use. It’s just cool and the best free software to kinda pimp out your desktop and make it look cooler.

Puush – The Best Free Software

Puush - The Best Free Software

After that, we have a program called Puush. Now if you ever wanted to just take a screenshot of the screen and instantly send to your friends. Or any power for that matter, now this is the program to do it. Now, what this basically does? when you highlight a section the screen and it automatically screenshots that area and generates a link into the clipboard. And send the link instantly to your friends, and show them what you’re talking about. You can also right-click files if it’s not too big like video files even your mp3’s.

Yes right click to Set send a Puush, copy the links. And you can send it to your friends. It’s a really convenient program. It’s lightweight, I think you have to make an account. But it’s totally free. That’s just you can see like look at the history of things you’ve uploaded the past. I use it literally every day. And I definitely think something worth checking out. If you send a lot of the images to your friends and stuff like that. I think Puush is one of the best free software for Windows.

Universal Media Server – The Best Free Software

Universal Media Server - The Best Free Software

Now we have a program called Universal Media Server. It basically streams files from your computer onto other devices in your house. So what I like to do is watch videos on my TV, which is hooked up to my x-box in sit on the couch. But the files are on the computer. So how do you do that? Well, said like copying the file on a thumb-drive. Yes, I have the universal media server running. And gone the x-box and it has access to all the files. And it can literally stroll through on the x box and pick the following play that streams a converted all that stuff.

It’s universal that’s why it’s called that. So does after work just on x-box but also PlayStation, x-box one, PS4 anything that basically can stream video. You can use with this program. So definitely check this out. It’s a one of the best free software

WinDirStat – The Best Free Software

WinDirStat - The Best Free Software

All right now number 5 is for when you see your hard drive space filling up and you don’t know why. This program called WinDirStat. Basically what it does is, it visually shows you where all the space is going in your hard drive. So what you do is, you open it up it shows basically blocks. And the bigger the box is the bigger the file it’s being taken up in the hard drive.

It’s just great way to see where the heck did all your hard drive space go. I use this every
once in a while when I can’t figure out why my hard drive space keeps the win delaying. And usually it’s some program that saving a lot of temporary files that I don’t need. So you can find out and clear them.


So that it said those are the top 5 best free software for windows, that I like to use. If you have any additional ones let me know in the comments. I am interested here because I’m always looking for cool new programs. Also please don’t forget to share this article to your friends.