5 Tips To Quickly Charge Your Smartphone

In this age, Smartphones are not only a phone it’s pretty much more than a phone. There is the infinite use of a Smartphone. But Smartphone is draining more battery. It’s a big pain when you ready to leave the house and you realize your phone is almost dead. It takes a time to become fully charged when the charge once more. But today I am going to tell you some trick to quickly charge your Smartphone.

Use Original Charger To Quickly Charge Your Smartphone

Recharge your Smartphone with an original charger which may be given that time when you buy a Smartphone. If you have lost original charger then buy a pretty much best quality charger. The market is flooded with different brands of Chinese low-cost charger. It takes quite a while to be charged with. So keep in mind that at the time of purchase. A best quality charger also can extend your battery backup life. And protect your Smartphone from overheating.

Direct Charge With Charger

Direct charge your phone with a charger to Quickly Charge Your Smartphone. Charge with laptop or computer USB cable will take more times. So if you want to quick charge, you should be charged using the charger or adapter.

Active Airplane Mode

Airplane mode should be used to rapidly charge the smartphone. Airplane mode blocks any kind of Wireless radio signals or connection. By turning on this mode, you will not able receive anything such as any calls, messages, and notifications. As a result, the device will charge a little bit faster. Note: if you have expected any kind of important calls, messages or Emails then please don’t turn on the airplane mode.

Turn off unnecessary features

If you do not need your phone’s data connection, Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, location services, GPS, then please turn off all of this features. Also, do a force stop  unnecessary apps. Even if you do not use the Bluetooth, WiFi is always to receive signals and draining your charge. And It takes more time to charge. You can also read about how to save your Smartphone battery life.

Turn Off The Phone To Quickly Charge Your Smartphone

For fast charging, you may turn off your phone. As a result, all the entire activities will turn off and your phone will get charged very quickly. And remember again if you have expected any kind of important calls, messages or Emails then please don’t turn off the phone.


So that’s all there is to it. There are very simple tricks to do. And believe me guys the tricks are really simple but powerful. Let me know what you guys thought in the comments. If you have some better idea or tricks to quickly charge your phone then please share your tricks in the comments section. And also send this article to your friend. Thanks.