5 Youngest Parents In The World

The world has been rapidly changing and many unusual and unexpected occurrences keep happening. With the rapid development in the world, there is an early age maturity in kids too. Here are such kids who became parents when they were kids itself. It may shock you when you’ll know the age of these kids when they gave births to their kids, so here is the list of youngest parents in the world.

1. Lina Medina

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When your kid may have begun with the school, Lina medina became the Mother in that age. Lina was just five & half years old when she gave birth to a baby boy on may 14, 1939. Of course no parent can think of it so Lina’s parent took her to the doctor when they found an unusual growth in her abdomen.

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They suspected it to be a tumor but they were shocked when the doctor said that the reason was 7th month of her pregnancy. Her father was arrested on suspicion but was later released as no evidence was found. Till date the real father of Lina’s kid is unknown.

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