Extend Laptop Battery Life With 5 Tips

With 5 simple tricks, you can extend your laptop battery life. The ways are safe and very easy. Let’s have a look with step by step.

Extend Laptop Battery Life by Disabling Your Wi-Fi

You can save your laptop battery life by disabling your Wi-Fi. It Sounds a little strange, but it does work. If there is no Wi-Fi available or there is no need to be connected, just turn off your Wireless adapter. In windows, 10 go to right side of the taskbar. Then single click on Wi-Fi icon. A popup slide will slide out. Then click on Wi-Fi icon under the network settings. Also, you can follow this image, which is shown bellow. You can also disable your Wi-Fi by a physical switch or function key on your laptop. This will significantly increase the amount up battery time on a charge. Give it a try it does work in you be surprised how much moreover battery charge you will have.


Save More Battery by Decreasing You Screen Brightness

You can save more and more battery life by adjusting your screen brightness. Over in your system tray on notification icon click with your mouse. It will open Action Center. Under the action center, you can adjust your screen brightness by clicking on brightness icon several time. Or over in your system tray on your battery icon click with your mouse. Move up the menu. And click on adjust screen brightness. When you come up with this window down on the bottom here you will find a scroll key. Now adjust it to left and right for adjusting you screen brightness. And you will save energy.

Extend Laptop Battery

Extend Laptop Battery Life by Keeping Cool Your Laptop

The hotter your laptop gets the more battery drain you will experience. Heat is your laptops enemy. Increase laptop heat = faster battery drain. Set your laptop on a table top or a cooling pad. Or put your backpack on your lap and put your laptop on that. By cooling your laptop, you will experience the better performance.

Extend Laptop Battery Life

Use Less Battery Power By Listening to music through headphones

Your laptop speakers will drain your battery quicker. Use less battery power by listening to music through earbud headphones, not from your laptop speakers. By using headphones, you music experience will good and you will save more battery power.

Extend Laptop Battery Life

Turn On Battery Saver To Prevent Battery Draining

You can extend your battery life by using Windows 10 Built-in battery saver feature. On your system tray click on the battery icon and then click on battery saver mode. Your screen brightness will dim automatically and this will significantly reduce the amount battery drain on your laptop.

How To Extend Laptop Battery Life