Fix Slow PC And Know Why PC Gets Slower

Have you ever wondered why your computer gets slower after using it for a few years? Or even after a few months? Well in this article I am talking about the most common problems about why your computer gets slower and how you can fix it.

Your PC Gets Slower For Fragmented Hard Drive:

Fix Slow PC

Now the first reason is after using your computer your hard drive gets fragmented and filled up. And all the files are spread all over the hard drive. And for this reason, your computer gets slower.

You Can Fix Slow PC By Defragmenting Your Hard Drive:

How can you fix this is defragmenting your hard drive? Despite all the files that are used more commonly together. So it doesn’t take as long for the hard drive to search for these files. Now if you’re on Windows 10 this is done automatically. Now if you’re on Seven, XP or earlier Vista than you have to either run the program that comes with Windows. Or download one manually.

Your PC  Gets Slower For A Lot Of Dust:

Fix Slow PC

Now the second reason is that as you use your computer it probably get a lotta dust and dirt in there. And we need to clean that out because actually restrict airflow and causes the computer heat up. And overheating really does slow down your computer. If you just get some canned air like this image or get a vacuum, you should notice a difference after you do.

Your PC Can Slow Down For A Lot Of Programs:

The next reason is that as you use your computer and install new programs. You probably get a lot of programs. That start up when you don’t really want them to. Now you can download programs for example once called CCleaner. And this will actually help you go
through and Remove Programs from start up and stop them from starting up on boot. And this will significantly decrease your big time. You should also uninstall programs that you don’t use anymore. Because this will also free up hard drive space.

Viruses Or Malware Can Slow Down Your Computer:

Fix Slow PC

Now the last reason also is most common. Is that you may have viruses or malware on your computer. And to remove these which are probably using up system resources and making it slow. Is that you have to download a virus scanner or at least to run it even if you have it. Or maybe a malware scanner and two with these are Microsoft Security Essentials which is free. And it’s actually made by Microsoft. If you are in windows 10 then Microsoft Security Essentials is built into it. Or if you are in Windows 7 or Windows Vista now you candownload it. And another free one is Malwarebytes. These are both very good both free.

Now if you really want to get your computer back in running to the way it was on day one. Then you’re gonna need to reformat your hard drive and reinstall your operating system. I would not recommend doing this if you’re not very good with computers are very experience. Because this will wipe out your hard drive, and basically reinstall completely fresh. So you definitely don’t want to do this without backing up first. So you can get your files stored away safely before you do it. And also you should probably have someone else do this. If you’re not sure what you’re doing so then you won’t mess anything up.

So, those are all the reasons why your computer might be getting slow and how you can fix it. I hope you enjoyed this article. So be sure to share this article and leave a comment about whether your computer was able to speed up a little bit by doing the steps and thanks for reading.