How To Increase Cell Phone Signal Strength

If you’re like me then there are plenty of times where you want to make a call but your cell phone there’s no reception or it’s too weak to sustain a call. But today I’m going to show you how you can actually increase your cell phone signal using a little mini external antenna. I think all the items already have in your house. It’s a really easy tutorial. So I can’t wait to show you how to do it.


Required Materials To Increase Cell Phone Signal

  • The Regular USB Charging Cable: You’re going to need is the regular USB charging cable that your phone uses.
  • A Pen Or A Pencil: You need a pen or a pencil. A metal pen works best. Because it’s conductive. It will work with a wooden pencil. But of course, a conductive cylinder of some sort is going to work the best.

Images Of Required Materials – Increase Cell Phone Signal

USB Cable Increase Cell Phone Signal
The Regular USB Charging Cable
A Pen Increase Cell Phone Signal
A Metal Pen

How To Increase Cell Phone Signal

So to create this makeshift antenna, you’re just gonna have to plug the one side of USB in your phone. The phone actually has some conductive circuits in there. That’s going to allow data transfer from this antenna and receive calls and go into the phone.

And then you take the other end of the USB cable, just coil it around your pen or pencil. You want to use probably no more than half of the cable. Otherwise, you know you coil it too much. You can see it’s kinda hard to bend with thicker cables. You don’t want to break your cable. So probably about this much is fine. And then you just want to hold it in place. And if you can manage to do with one hand so you can make a call.

You can use a paper clip and just kind of clicked it right onto the end just like the images. You can actually hold it with one hand. It’s no problem. It stays coiled and then that way you don’t have to worry about convoluted your hand to make a call. And then you just dial with your other hand.

Increase Cell Phone Signal
Coil The USB Cable Around The Pen

Now alternatively, if you don’t have a pen or pencil lying around, you can actually wrap it around one your fingers. That’ll work just as fine. And don’t have any of your other fingers up little block the signal. Obviously, your middle finger will work best. But as you can imagine you probably don’t want to have other people around while you’re doing this. They might get the wrong idea.

Increase Cell Phone Signal
Coil The USB Cable Around The Finger

After do this you might increase cell phone signal strength. If you have two bars signal on your phone so that translates to maybe about 30 percent increase in signal.

It’s important to know that if you have 0 bars. It might not work. Because if there’s no signal in the first place obviously it’s not going to be able to help. I also note that if you do this is going to drain your battery faster. so keep that in mind. Because when you are using this external antenna. It takes a little bit of extra energy. And for this reason, you shouldn’t do this in an emergency. Because you’re going to want to conserve some precious battery life in that situation. And as I mentioned if there really is no signal, at all it’s not gonna do anything.

Quick Test – increase cell phone signal using makeshift mini antenna

So why don’t we do a quick test? And I’ll show you the effect it has on the signal strength. Alright, so here we are in the basement. And as you can see the phone doesn’t really have that could have a signal. its kinda hovering between one and two bars.

Increase Cell Phone Signal
Before Using The Antenna

And next to it, I have the antenna. So why don’t we see what happens when we plug it in? It might take a second. And As you can see after using the antenna you can increase cell phone signal up to 30%. When the signal was already pretty weak and it was pretty much instant within a matter of seconds. So, it definitely works.

Increase Cell Phone Signal
After Using The Antenna


So I hope this helps you guys. If you’re someone who gets consistently low signal strength in your workplace or something like that. So you can let me know in the comments section. I’m really interested in hearing how this went for you. And if you like this trick then please do share this article.