How to make your partner happy… 💗

Being in a relationship means to understand the need of your partner. Try to to make them happy. Its not too difficult for make someone happy. A rose, a chocolate box, a movie together, deep conversion etc would do. We all want our partners to be happy with us. And it shows in their face when they are happy. There are some simple ways for that, which can make your partner happy in no time 🙂

1. Give him/her priority.

If you’re in a relationship make sure your partner comes 1st in your priority list. They are worth it as they are sharing their lives with you. Call them. Check on them. Meet them. stay connected. Make them feel valuable in your life. Ask for their opinion in your work and other stuffs like choosing curtains for your bedroom, which dish to cook for dinner, how she/he likes tbeir coffee etc. These could make them happy for sure. Make plans to go out. Give time to your friends and also manage time for your partner

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