Easiest Way to Access Blocked Websites [100% FREE]

Easiest Way to Access Blocked Websites [100% FREE]

In the recent past Bangladesh Govt. Blocked Facebook. At that time like many other Bangladeshi I tried to find an easy and safe way to access blocked website. I found several method, but using Extension/Plugins to the Browser seems to me the easiest and safest way to access blocked website. And In this Post I’m gonna show how you can access blocked website by adding Extension to your Browser.

There are several Browser extension available throughout the internet that allow the users to access blocked website from PC’s browser. Among all of them I found Browsec, the most convenience, safest and easiest one. Let’s know more about the Browsec and see how to use it to access Blocked Website.

Browsec VPN at a Glance:

  • Name: Browsec VPN
  • Supported Browser: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera browser
Features of Browsec VPN:
  • Access to Any Content: Reach content regardless of geographical restrictions.
  • High Connection Speed: Enjoy market leading speeds of up to 100 M bit/s.
  • Virtual Location: Mask your Geo-location by using a virtual one.
  • It’s Free: You can use Browsec completely free. No hidden fees.
  • Easy Installation: Everything you need is installed in just one click.
Install Browsec > Get Access to Blocked Sites:

  • First Download and Install the Extension/Ad-On according to your Browser from the following links.
  • After completing the Installation, Restart the Browser and you will see a new button added at the top of your Browser. It is Browsec Extension/Ad-On button.
  • Just click on the Browsec button and click on Protect Me to Turn it ON.
Access Blocked Websites

Currently there are Four Free Servers available in Browsec – Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and United Stats.

  • To Change your Location, just click on Change
  • And choose your Location by clicking on it.
Access Blocked Websites
That’s it, Now visit the Blocked site from your browser and will get the access. If you have any quires then leave your question in the comment section below, I will try to answer your.

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