Get Ready For Next Ransomware Attack

On recent months, cyber criminals attacked computers of one hundred and fifty countries with a malicious software named “WannaCry Ransomware”. It was mainly spreading due to a fault of Old Windows OS.  After the attack, Microsoft immediately issued security patches for Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

WannaCry Ransomware Interface
WannaCry Ransomware interface of an affected PC

How to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim of Ransomware:

Always update your OS and Windows Defender
Go to control panel and then Windows action center. Always install latest OS updates. It takes very less time to update. Always try to keep your operating system up-to-date.

Be careful while  opening a link
Do not click or open those links you can not recognize. Also be careful at opening email attachments. Try to avoid the use of P2P services.

Always create backups
Always create backups of your important data. You can use portable hard disks or cloud storages for backing up your data. If you are infected, you can restore this data in future.

Develop a communication strategy
If you are working on a company network, always inform your employees if a virus reaches your company network.

Install a genuine antivirus software 
Though you have the latest version of operating system, I recommend you to use a genuine antivirus software. Your device is not fully protected unless you have an updated antivirus software.

I will write more about Ransomware in future.

Should I pay the attackers?

No, don’t pay the attackers. If you pay them, then you are encouraging them to continue their activities in future. You don’t have any guarantee that the attackers will return your encrypted files. They can blackmail you again in future. Paying the attackers means, you are supporting online terrorism.

Many governments and antivirus companies are trying to make some tools to prevent “Wannacry Ransomware”. You have to wait a few more days. Always stay protected.

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