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Every blog owner wants to see lots of comments on their blog posts. But that does not happen automatically. You have to put in lots of efforts to get comments on your blog. Lots of blog owners did not get even a single comment on most of their blog posts that are genuine and high quality. You will be able to get some comments on your blog posts if you have a blog with thousands of daily hits and your blog content is good enough that people love commenting on your blog posts. If you have a blog with lots of high quality posts and don’t getting the comments amount you were expecting, this blog post is specially drafted for you. In this blog post, I will be sharing 10 killer tips to help you get lots of high quality comments on your blog posts.

Bloggers Passion comments count with postsAs far as I’m concerned, I’m getting some decent comments on most of blog posts on TipsTune24. If you believe in numbers, on TipsTune24, I have so far published 160 posts and those 160 posts have 1694 approved comments. All comments that I approve on TipsTune24 are all high quality. I, most of time delete single line comments that are written in general. If I do the calculations, I’m getting 11 comments (approx) on each of my blog posts on average. And now I’m also looking for more ways to increase the flow of comments coming on this blog.




1. Top Commentors Widget

Top 5 Commentors WidgetFirst of all, I would suggest you adding a Top Commentors widget on your blog. I have noticed lots of blogs that have this kind of widgets available, gets lots of comments from its blog readers. You can add this widget in your blog sidebar or in the footer section. In top Commentors widget, top Commentors for that month are shown up in descending order. Lots of readers to your blog will start sending comments to your blog simply because you have installed top Commentors widget on your blog. Availability of bloggers in top Commentors section gives them decent traffic, branding and backlinks for their websites and blogs. These days’ lots of seo’s and webmasters have started including blogs that have top Commentors kind of widget in place, in their overall link building strategies. So if you notice top Commentors on your blog, you will find some guys from seo community are sending their valuable comments to get the benefits of backlinks from your blog, If you are running a WordPress Blog, there are plugins available that will add top Commentors widget on your blog instantly. I myself have added a top Commentors widget on TipsTune24 blog in its sidebar. You can use this plugin to add Top Commentors Widget on your WordPress Based Blog and there are lots of customization options available with this plugin.

2. Replying To Comments

If you reply to comments coming on your, that will leave positive impression for you in your blog readers eyes. And when blog readers sees their comments are being noticed and replied by the blog owner, motivates them to send more high quality comments on your blog. So you should make sure that you send your thoughts to most of incoming comments on your blog. I used to check all incoming comments on this blog once a day at least. When I have a new comment coming, if its good and genuine comment, I will approve it and if its just spam, I will simply delete it. For each approved comment, I send my replied at least where my blog readers are expecting some feedback or information from me.
Replying to comments on Bloggers Passion

3. Running Contests

I have noticed lots of blog owners using contests to increase comments on their blogs with great success. For increasing comments, bloggers run interesting contests where they offer some cash, freebies, gifts or advertising on their blog to contest winners. I’ve not used contests on this blog so far for improving comments. But in the coming days, you will see some contest coming on TipsTune24 to motivate blog readers to write more comments on this blog. I may be running top Commentors kind of contest on this blog where the top commenter for a month will get some prize with regular backlinks and branding for their websites and blogs.


4. Writing Comments On Other Blogs

You should create a list of some popular blogs in your niche and start sending your valuable comments on those blogs. When you send your knowledge-based comments to other blog owners, they will notice it and appreciate your efforts by leaving comments on your blog. You should subscribe to your favorite blogs RSS in your RSS Reader and send comments as you notice a new post being published on any of your favorite blog. You should continue this process for a month and then notice how much benefit you get from this process. Apart from increasing comments on your own blog, you will end up getting lots of targeted backlinks, traffic and new readers to your blog from commenting on other blogs.

5. Write High Quality Content

It’s your content that will play a major role in deciding whether people will comment on your blog post or not. It’s your content quality that will decide if you will get zero or tens of comments on each of your blog post. Lack of good content, will make you end up with very few comments on your blog even if you have a high traffic blog. So you should write engaging content and look for maximum ways to get feedback from your blog readers about your blog content quality and what kind of posts they want you to publish on your blog in the coming days. So you should spend lots of time while creating your blog posts and should keep some elements of engagement for your blog readers in your posts.


6. Dofollow Comment Love

Comments luv iconIt’s highly advised to make your blog comments dofollow to get more comments on your blog. Lots of seo’s and bloggers keep searching for dofollow blogs to get maximum search engine ranking and page rank benefits. Lots of link builders us dofollow blog commenting as a powerful method to increase high quality backlinks for their websites. So being a dofollow blog, your blog will receive lots of additional comments from seo and link builders type of community members. There are some dofollow blog directories available on Internet where you can submit your dofollow blogs. You should highlight to your blog readers on prominent positions that they are making comments on dofollow blogs by adding a comment luv kind of image in your blog sidebars as shown towards left. If you are running a WordPress Blog, there are plugins available to help you make its comments links dofollow.


7. Comments Notification Email

Notify followup comments via emailYou should give your blog readers the facility to subscribe to your blog comments via email. Your blog readers will be able to keep track of new comments coming on blog posts they have subscribed to. When they feel they should send more comments on that post, they can do easily. Email Notification feature in comments section creates a great level of interest among your blog readers. With such kind of features, you will see lots of threaded comments rows appealing against your blog posts. If you are running a WordPress based blog, here is the plugin you can use to allow your blog readers to subscribe to comments against posts of their interest.

8. Easy To Comment Functionality

You should make the whole commenting process on your blog really easy. I used to notice some bloggers using ugly captchas and sign up forms etc to Commentors on their blog. They make the whole commenting process really difficult. Some blogs have so difficult code words behind captcha that it becomes really difficult for you to recognize them. If you are doing all this to avoid spam comments on your blog, there are tools and plugins available to avoid them. And if you are running a WordPress blog, there is a plugin popularity known as Akismet to help you fight against spam comments on your blog. Here is the installation link for Akismet plugin for WordPress self hosted blogs.

9. Use Lists In Your Future Posts

I would suggest you create some posts around lists in future on your blog. I have noticed blog posts carrying some kind of list do really well as compared with normal posts when taken into factors like the number of comments they receive and the number of votes they get on social media websites. The most commented post on TipsTune24 was created around lists where I have received 61 comments so far on that post.

10. Some Mixed Stuff

Traffic to your blog will also play a big role especially if you have a blog with good traffic numbers and high quality posts. So look for ways to get lots of traffic to your blog. Apart from asking questions and seeking advice from your blog readers will also help you get additional comments from your blog readers.

I hope I covered most of popular methods to increase quality comments on a blog. If you feel I missed something, please share in the comments section below. I will also be interested in knowing which of the above method you are currently employing to get lots of comments on your blog.

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