The Best 7 Messenger Bags for Women You Can’t Miss

The Best 7 Messenger Bags for Women You Can’t Miss

Messenger bags are all the rage in fashion. Not only are they hip and stylish, but they are practical as well! The size of the bags allow you to place anything you need in them, so you never have to worry about forgetting something important. 

The large surface of messenger bags is also perfect for personalization! Adding pins, patches, and other items allow you to show off your personality in a unique way. 

If you’re looking for the best messenger bags for women, look no further! Here are 7 must-have bags.

1. Travelon Anti-Theft Cross-Body Bag

This snug fitting bag is perfect if you are looking for security and style! Wearing it across your body with a blazer or jacket over it makes it near impossible for a thief to simply grab it and run. 

Straps and body panels are slash proof so criminals cannot cut the bag and run off with its contents. Compartments and straps also lock, cutting off a thieves access to your valuables.

These features will protect your cell phone, which is a valuable target for thieves. Not only can your phone be sold, but it contains information that a criminal can use to access your bank accounts. 

Unlike other anti-theft bags, Travelon uses metal hardware which gives it a sleek look. It comes in numerous colors so that it will match any outfit, and has plenty of storage so you never have to decide what to leave behind. 

The best part is that it’s affordable as well!

2. RusticTown Leather Vintage Crossbody Bag

Are you looking for a messenger bag that works as hard as you do? RusticTown makes bags specifically designed for your busy life. 

This bag features three zipped pockets: two on the inside and one outside. It is the perfect size to fit your laptop and other electronic devices you need to have while you’re on the go. 

Unlike other messenger bags for women, the RusticTown is handcrafted and made of real goat leather. This bag is durable and fashionable, making it perfect for work meetings or a night out on the town!

3. Kenneth Cole Reaction Bag

These bags are perfect if you are looking for practicality and fashion. The Reaction Bag is made out of cowhide leather and has two pockets that open from the top: one with a cell phone holder and one for pens and credit cards.  

The inside of the bag has a padded compartment for your laptop and Ipad, meaning that you can take your work with you wherever you go. Another great feature is the magnetic latch closing system, taking away the worry that you will forget to close your bag.

4. Firu-Handmade Vintage Style Leather Bags

What puts Firu on our list of best messenger bags for women is the uniqueness of each bag they produce. The bags are made of naturally processed leather, leading to slight differences in shade and appearance. Even other Firu bags will be different from yours!

The bags are also environmentally friendly, as there are no chemicals or dyes used in the manufacturing process. This process is also pollution free! Not only will you look good with this bag on your shoulder, but you’ll feel great about your purchase as well.

5. Baggalini Pocket Crossbody

With the Baggalini, you not only get a cute and affordable messenger bag but a removable RFID wristlet as well!

RFID means that someone cannot use a device to scan your credit card information. Identify theft is on the rise; this bag will allow you to travel worry free!

There are also plenty of pockets to place items you need to have easy access to including a side zippered pocket perfect for your passports, id, phones or anything else you will need. 

There are numerous colors and styles to choose from, making this messenger bag perfect for every personality.

6. Vera Bradley Double Zip Mailbags

Vera Bradley is one of the most recognized fashion brands in the world. The quality of their products is a major reason for their success. 

The Double Zip Mailbag is soft, durable, and washable! Made with microfiber polyester on the outside and a cotton lining, it’s designed for comfort and sturdiness. 

The design of the pouches inside the main compartment will ensure your items stay dry and are easy to access. The straps are also sturdy, so if you have to carry a little extra, you don’t have to worry about them breaking. 

As for the style, there are numerous fashions to choose from, each one available for a limited time. Limited availability adds to the bag’s appeal because you won’t have to worry about everyone having the same design as you!

7. Michael Kors Fulton Messenger Bag

This bag is more expensive that the other messenger bags for women on this list, but that higher price tag is because of the quality, style, and comfort the Fulton Bag offers. 

The top zip closure is recessed, making it harder for someone to slip their hand into your bag when you are in a restaurant or bar. There is also a hidden slip pocket that closes magnetically, perfect for storing your phone without worrying about it falling out. 

The hardware is gold tone, adding a beautiful look to the three designs available, which compliment any outfit. 4 slip pockets in the interior make it easy to organize your belongings and be able to find them at a moment’s notice.  

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