OneLine Guide About Drop Shipping


I have tried now many sourcing options. and of course Of all it’s best to stick with aliexpress if you are new. Choose the suppliers with best rating. Don’t pick everybody and anybody. Oberlo app for shopify is free upto 500 items to pick items from aliexpress. Don’t grab everything though but also your shop should not have too few items. Pick your shopify theme carefully. If possible buy a good theme to suit your shop. Think about free shipping. Advertise it on your shop. Check your shop on mobile and desktop. Create easy menus. Ppl should be able to find quickly what they need. Advertise regularly on Facebook. Don’t need to spend a lot.

Choose items. Do some research on pricing of those items. If you don’t have knowledge about those items get knowledge. Think about how you can be different. Set your shipping and pricing policy. Decide about your market. The geographics, the gender or income level etc. Present the products in the best way on Facebook and instagram. Try to create videos of products to put on FB ads. PPL scroll through FB post quickly, if your ad does not have an attraction they’ll just scroll on. Make them stop at your ad. Free items or half price or something like this

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