At 22-03-2018 payza shutdown their website for some legal issue. We informed by there Facebook official page. We seen a status at payza official page that. Many people have an account on payza and they already in mental problem. if you have an account then please read this article we hope you can get your problem solve from this article.


As some of you may be aware of already, Payza is currently dealing with some legal matters in the United States. We cannot give any specific details at this time, but please be aware that this is an accusation and it is NOT evidence of guilt. Right now, we are working on a solution to this, and the technical issues we are experiencing, and we do not want you to worry. In the meantime, Payza’s services are fully operational and available at our new domain All your account information and funds are secure and accessible at We will provide more information as soon as possible.

Thank you for your patience and understanding,
Team Payza




payza shutdown confirmed by official page




When someone trying to visit official weblink then it show like this image.




Want know more information about payza shutdown ? then check out this link.


We attach some screenshot from social media, what people are trying to say.




So at the final if you have an payza account and you are facing payza shutdown problem then you can use weblink and stay follow payza official facebook page


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