Smart Home Buys you Need to Have

Smart Home Buys you Need to Have

Imagine if you could control every appliance in your home with your smartphone.

Luckily, you no longer have to imagine. The smart homes from sci-fi TV shows and movies are slowly becoming a reality. Many disabled veterans are beginning to embrace the technology as well. 

In 2015, there were approximately 83 million smart home appliance shipments. Experts expect that number will more than double by 2020.

The growing demand for smart home appliances has resulted in a wide variety of new products. But which smart home buys are actually worth your money?

This article will look at the best smart home buys available so far this year. Keep reading to find out what devices you need to make your home life easier!

Lawn Care

For some of us, lawn care is an enjoyable hobby. For others, however, it’s like pulling teeth. Here are two of the best smart home buys that make lawn care infinitely easier.

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller (Second Generation)

Keeping your lawn nice and green takes a lot of work. But Rachio’s Smart Sprinkler allows you to control your watering with your smartphone. It can also assist you in setting up an ideal schedule based on soil and plant type, and sun exposure.

A unique feature of this device is the WaterSense technology. This tech can help cut your water bill in half. Plus, this device will automatically adjust its watering schedule if it rains.

Robomow RS622

Don’t you wish someone else could mow your lawn for a change? Well, the Robomow RS622 can help make that happen.  

You don’t even have to tell this mower to do its job. Once you set the schedule, it mows independently. Best of all, when it finishes its job, the Robomow returns back to charge at home base. 


Lighting can set the mood in your home. Here are two of the best smart home buys that will help you keep your home well-lit.

Lutron Caseta In-Wall Wireless Smart Lighting Kit

It’s easy to forget to turn a light off in the house. Lutron Caseta kit puts an end to that problem.

The Lutron Caseta smartphone app is simple and crisp. You can control each individual light with one tap. You can also create presets that you can activate at any time.

Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades

Window blinds can be a hassle. Thankfully, Lutron Serena Remote Controlled Shades makes them easier to deal with. You can control these smart blinds with a quick push of a button on your smartphone.

The best feature of these blinds is that you can schedule them. This means you can have them open or close at a specific time each day.

Safety and Security

Convenience isn’t the only thing on your mind as a homeowner. You also have to worry about dangers such as burglars and deadly gas. Here are a couple safety and security related smart home buys that will help you sleep easier at night.

iControl Networks Piper NV

If you’re concerned about keeping intruders out, start with a smart security system. Piper NV has every feature you would want from a security camera.

Piper NV gives you access to live, recorded home footage. It also includes night vision capabilities. Plus, this system offers sound, motion, and temperature detection as well.

Nest Protect (Second Generation)

Silent killers like carbon monoxide and fire also pose a threat to your home safety. Fortunately, Nest Protect, a top-of-the-line smoke detector with wi-fi capabilities, provides a defense.

The best part of this device is that it keeps you informed on the go. It immediately alerts you on your smartphone if there’s a fire or carbon monoxide leak in your home.

Heating and Cooling

Summers and winters can be rough without a good heating and cooling system. However, smart thermostats help ensure you feel comfortable. Here are the two smart thermostats that give you the most bang for your buck.

Nest Learning Thermostat (Third Generation)

Your heating and cooling system is responsible for nearly half of your energy bill. If you want to save money, the Nest Learning Thermostat is your best choice. It was the first thermostat to get an Energy Star.

The Nest Thermostat allows you to easily control your temperature with your phone. You can also take an in-depth look at your energy usage history with the Nest app.


If you’re looking for features, the Ecobee4 is the best smart thermostat on the market. It doesn’t look quite as nice as the Nest Learning Thermostat. But what this thermostat lacks in design, it more than makes up for in performance.

Ecobee4 features by far the most responsive touch screen. It has room sensors that can detect hot and cold spots. It also sports a robust voice command system that can pick up your voice from the other side of the room.


Who doesn’t like to eat? Let’s take a quick look at two smart cooking devices everyone should own.

June Intelligent Oven

It would be great if your oven knew what you’re trying to cook. Well, that’s exactly what the June Intelligent oven does. The oven’s incredible capabilities are a result of its powerful sensors and HD camera.

The best part is that this oven requires very little participation from you. This means it can cook you the perfect medium-rare steak while you’re not even in the same room.

Perfect Bake Pro Kitchen Scale

The Perfect Bake Pro scale is ideal for those who don’t like to measure ingredients. The scale makes it easier to measure by telling you when to stop pouring on the mobile app. 

This kitchen scale also has a dynamic auto-scale feature. If you only have a small amount of an ingredient left, the Perfect Bake Pro will auto-scale the rest of the recipe. All that’s left to do after that is the actual baking.

Final Thoughts on Smart Home Buys

There are plenty of smart appliances worthy of a buy. These devices make everything from lawn care to cooking easier to manage.

As you get older, voice command and motion detection features come in handy. Plus, adding smart home capabilities can be a great way to raise the market value of your property as well.

Keep in mind that smart appliances aren’t as complicated as they seem. Most modern smart devices are easy to sync up and program. You can even start with just one smart device before you revolutionize your entire home.

So, which particular smart home buys caught your attention? Let us know by commenting below!

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